The Difference Between You & The Legions of People Who Suck at Making Money Online

Whether you realize it yet or not, you are a f*cking rockstar. So, don’t tell me you can’t do it or that it’s already been done. And by “it” I mean anything… planning your next life changing move, quitting your job, starting that awesome blog, creating your next product…etc.

If YOU haven’t done it yet…if it hasn’t yet been done by YOU, then you have absolutely no excuses.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s break it down. ;)

Your Awesome Sauce

In 18 Months, 2 Blogs and 6 Figures, Corbett Barr (he’s the shizz, btw) talks about finding your “special sauce.” Your unique voice, your individual appeal, that je ne se qu that, without any effort, automatically sets you a part from every other blogger, writer, freelancer, social media expert, or whoever.

For fun, from this point forward let’s refer to it as awesome sauce.

Everyone is born with their own unique awesome sauce formula. It’s in your blood and it’s in every fiber of your being. It’s what makes us different, interesting, and worth listening to. It’s what causes us to select our core group of friends and what dreams to chase. It’s the cause of our deep down interests and passions.

Are you with me? Okay.. so, this is where it’s at. This is what people want to see. YOU. Not the sales pitchy, pipe-line driven curtain that most online marketers hide behind. And most definitely not replicas of others who are using their awesome sauce to make it big. People can see right through that crap. So don’t do it.

The reason so many people fail at making money online is because they’re not being true to their awesome sauce, but instead trying to ride the thunder from those who already ‘get it.’ For example, Pat Flynn (another must-follow dude, fyi) of Smart Passive Income recently announced that someone lifted his website content. Like, word-for-word. Even personal info that he shared about his family. Someone up and stole the content…probably in hopes of driving traffic to their own site and makin’ some dough off of Pat’s name. Not. Cool.

Now, not everyone goes to the extreme of blatant plagiarism but instead opts for a similar tone, look, or feel of their idol’s blog, website, product, whatever.

Starting out can be crazy challenging so we often look to others who are successful for guidance. There’s no harm in that. Just be careful that you don’t start copying what your mentors are doing. Be inspired by what they’re doing and then hone in on your awesome sauce to pull all of the pieces together. Read: The Difference: Copying Your Mentors vs. Becoming Your Best Self.

Let your authentic self shine through via your products and services and you’ll already be waaaay ahead of everyone else.

Being ReDONKulously Persistent

I was listening to an episode of RadioLab the other day called Secrets of Success. In this episode, Robert, one of the RadioLab hosts, had a conversation with Malcolm Gladwell regarding how we, as a society, typically view the source of talent, luck, passion and success.

I won’t go into all of the details but I do recommend giving it a listen…some great stuff. Anyhow…there was a part of the conversation that made me stop and give serious thought to my own work. And that was how most people who are considered gifted or genius have one thing in common: they’re crazy persistent, and the driving factor behind their persistence isn’t money or fame but love. Passion. Obsession.

When Wayne Gretzky was 2 years old he would watch hockey games with his parents every Saturday night. When the games would end he would burst into tears because they were over. At 2 freakin’ years old, Wayne Gretzky loved hockey more than most 2 year olds throw tantrums. He loved hockey before he knew he loved it.

When Bill Gates was a teenager he used to sneak out of his parent’s house every week night, from 2AM-6AM, to do programming on one of the only computers at a nearby school. A teenaged BOY was trading sleep for programming “fun.” And he did this for years. Why? Because he loved programming that much.

My point here isn’t to make you feel bad about not being a Wayne Gretzky or a Bill Gates but instead to highlight their persistence and dedication to things that they loved more than nearly anything else. They did these things because they couldn’t NOT do these things. Gretzky’s inner awesome sauce IS hockey and Gates’ awesome sauce IS programming.

Find what you love most and use that as your hub for diving into your awesome sauce. It’s only when you do this, and share it with your followers, that you’ll be more than willing to devote insane hours into your projects, blog posts, products…whatever you want.

Some folks who are successfully making money online today, and who will likely continue to be successful, are those who have taken their deepest passions and most interesting interests (yes, I said that on purpose), and turned them into a strategy that helps them teach others about…well, almost anything.

We innately connect with people when we get to know them and share interests. So love what you do by doing what you love and the followers will flock. They’ll see the real you, respect that you’re being honest and transparent, and come back over and over again.

Once they know, like and trust you they’ll essentially give you permission to sell them stuff. We’ll expand on that point in a later post. ;)

The following is a list of people that I personally follow and admire. Many of whom have literally changed my life. These are just a few people who’ve leveraged their unique voice and personal passions to make comfortable (if not more than comfortable) lifestyles, via the Interwebs: Chris Guillebeau, Corbett Barr, Gary Vaynerchuck, Tim Ferriss, Marie Forleo, Pat Flynn, Laura Roeder, Tyler Terveroon, Chris Brogan, Karol Gajda, Darren Rowse, and Adam Baker. Cheers! xo

Going Above & Beyond [Useful]

In addition to letting your awesome sauce shine bright and allowing your deepest passions to lead the way, you provide content and resources (most of which is – or should be – free) that are remarkably useful. I’m talkin’ mind blowing, get outta town, I can’t believe how awesome this person is, stop joking, can this be real, seriously get. out. of. town…kind of useful information.

I’m sure you’ve heard the following before but it always bears repeating: people do NOT share content that is just okay or kind of helpful. They share, tweet, Facebook message, email, and Digg information that is crazy useful, helpful, inspirational, entertaining, etc.

The more people share your epic and useful content the more your social proof/credibility builds. The greater your credibility the greater the number of devoted followers. The greater the number of devoted followers means an easier sale. More than one of the amazing peeps I mentioned above have admitted that some of their product sales are made simply because people know them and trust them. That’s it. No fancy sales page, no big flashing arrows or wordy landing pages. Just tried and trusted, epically useful information over the course of as little as a few weeks.

Be consistent and be useful. Write awesome sh*t, share meaningful content, and the followers, the likes, the love…it will come in droves. For serious.

I’d like to close this post with a few epically beautiful quotes from the ever inspiring Julien Smith:

“You can be broke and be awesome. You can be in a wheelchair and be awesome. You can be homeless and be awesome. You can even be dead and be awesome. From this day forth, your purpose is to be the most fucking awesome person you can imagine being.”

“What’s great about the world of awesome is that it’s totally subjective. You don’t have to care about the ways I do it, and I don’t have to like yours. The main judge is yourself, and whether you like yourself more than you did yesterday or last year.”

So tell me, what’s your awesome sauce? Do you have a crazy passion that you’re using that to help build a core group of incredible followers? I’d love for you to share your thoughts.


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