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For you creative types. For you with a big business idea. For you with a blog, a need to leave the 9-5 world, a desire to create big shifts in your life and/or your existing business. I’m here for you.

There’s a beautiful point of convergence where the thing that you really love and are passionate about meets the thing that other people really need and want.

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About Kristin Lajeunesse

With a background in marketing communication, and years working with both for- and non-profit organizations, businesses, owners, entrepreneurs, musicians, bakers, bloggers, nomads, and others, my aim is to help passion-driven, big-dreamers find their way, gain clarity around their goals and business ideas, learn how to network and grow their projects and businesses to unheard of heights, create real actionable steps with tangible results, and finally—once and for all—turn that passion project into a truly profitable career.

What They Are Saying

  • Casey Taft

    Co-Founder, Vegan Publishers

    "Kristin has been a pleasure to work with. Having started a new company, we were unsure of how to navigate the world of social media and what it would take for us to establish a real online presence. Her networking expertise, enthusiasm and outside of the box thinking has helped get our business off the ground!"

  • Corey Grant

    Owner, Green Vegan Media

    "Kristin dreamt the life, lives the life, and is now using her experience to teach the life. She’s an inspiration and offers a unique perspective on the how of leaving your 9 to 5, defining the meaning of success for you, and making money. It’s the perspective no on else has. Hers."

  • Kayle Martin

    Founder, Cowgirls & Collard Greens

    "Working with Kristin has been a wonderful eye-opening experience. Her expertise in the social media and business plan management realm go well beyond her years. She has opened multiple doors for me in the vegan community and has set me on a clear path to reach my entrepreneurial goals and dreams."